8 Questions to Ask Before We Listen To A Sermon

Every week, millions of people listen to men and women preach sermons – long, short, expositional, topical, content heavy, image rich. In order to experience spiritual transformation, I think we should ask a practical question: How should we listen to a sermon?  Here are eight questions we should ask ourselves before or as we listen to a sermon.

How Should Trump Have Reacted To John Lewis’ Criticism

Responding to criticism is an art. An art that I wish President-elect, Donald Trump, would learn. On the eve of honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, President-elect Donald Trump threw some serious shade at Civil Rights icon and hero, Georgia Congressman John Lewis. While John Lewis attacked first, according to Scripture, how should have Donald Trump responded?

A Seven Day Challenge That Will Change Our World

Words can create a world of good or a world of destruction. Our words have power. Life and death, healing and destruction, and blessing and cursing reside in the power of our words. They can build people up or; they can tear people down. How do we use our words to create a world of healing, comfort, and peace for others in our sphere of influence?

4 Ways to Respond to Other People’s Good News

How to Be Happy About Another Person's Happiness

When friends share bad news with us, we tend to sympathize and even weep with them. But, what about when friends share their good news with us? It seems like it takes a little more time and maturity to be happy about their happiness. I hate this about myself. How can we be happy about another person’s happiness?

Why “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin” Is Dangerous

Love the sinner, hate the sin. I believe these six words cause unquantifiable pain and erode the public perception of followers of Jesus. “Love the sinner, hate the sin” seems innocent and even spiritual, but I believe can be a dangerous Christian cliche. Here are at least several reasons why it is and why we should stop using it.

One Question to Ask Before Posting On Social Media

When we tweet or post something on social media, it can be a great avenue to help people stay connected and spark healthy conversation. Unfortunately, it a place where people think they can use their words to display their ignorance, the depth of their depravity, and vulgarity, without any significant consequences. Well, on the internet, “words create worlds,” and one Cleveland Cavaliers fan found out that his words created a world of unemployment for him.