One Sentence That Could Change Everything

Reading Time: 3 minutes

There is one sentence that I think could change the way we live our lives. It could change the way we treat our families, spend our money, do our jobs, and even relate to and interact with God. When you read and say it, you will want to shrink back. Don’t. Lean in. Embrace it. Live it. I believe it is a game changer.

What Should Christians Believe About Cremation?

Reading Time: 4 minutes

One question people consistently ask me is, how should Christians think about cremation? If Christian families opt to have a believing loved one cremated instead of being buried, are they sinning? Should we cremate or bury? How will God reunite our body with our spirit, if there is not a body to join? This post addresses these questions and more.

What Happens At The Moment of Our Death?

Do All Dead People Go To a Better Place? - Part 3

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Over the last couple posts, I have attempted to answer a few burning questions: What will happen at the moment of our death? What does the Bible say is the destination for each person when they die? Do all dead people go to a better place? Will we go to heaven or will we go to hell? What does the Bible say?

What Happens The Moment We Die

Why We Believe All Dead People Go to a Better Place - Part 2

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Where will I go when I die?  Many people believe all dead people go to a better place. Why is this the case? On yesterday, in Part One, I said that the rise of psychics is one reason why some people believe this. Today, I want to give you two more reasons why people think all dead people go to a better place.

What Happens The Moment We Die?

Why People Think All Dead People Go to A Better Place - Part 1

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Where will I go when I die? This question grips the heart of humanity. Do we simply play our part and shuffle off the stage into obscurity and nothingness?  What happens the moment we die? Do all dead people go to a better place? In the next several posts, I will attempt to help us understand what the Bible says about what happens the moment we die.

4 Ways to Respond to Other People’s Good News

How to Be Happy About Another Person's Happiness

Reading Time: 4 minutes

When friends share bad news with us, we tend to sympathize and even weep with them. But, what about when friends share their good news with us? It seems like it takes a little more time and maturity to be happy about their happiness. I hate this about myself. How can we be happy about another person’s happiness?

How to Have Optimism In a Cynical World

Finding Hope for a Better Tomorrow

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Given the recent spasms of violence in our world, I understand why people are cynical and find it difficult to have optimism. But, despite all that we see going on around us, I believe we can dream and hope for a better tomorrow.

I Would Marry You Again

Celebrating 22 Years of Marriage

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Twenty-two years ago, today, a beautiful and smart woman named Tonia, said yes to my proposal and agreed to marry me. I was nothing special. But, she said yes. And, two decades later, we are still together. I often think if I had to do it over, would I bypass all others and take her hand again? So, I dedicate these lines to my fine wine.