23 Declarations I’ll Make If Trump or Clinton Is Elected

Trump-anxiety. “Clintonitis.” Are these real conditions? Psychologists and massage therapists believe they are real. Consequently, they are seeing more and more of their clients stressing over the rise of Donald Trump and the potential of Clinton being elected. People are fearful, nervous, and panicky about the possibility of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton becoming president of the United States, and I don’t blame them.

We Are Not Slaves to Fear

Their rhetoric is divisive, abusive, exclusive, and the most disturbing of all, it’s popular. More than that, both candidates are terribly flawed. So, I have to admit, it frightens me to think that Trump or Clinton could become the leader of the most powerful nation in the world. I know this fear is not healthy for me or any follower of Jesus. So, this is the reason I have decided to do something about these feelings.

“I Will” Declarations

Therefore, instead of panicking and becoming nervous over the possibility of Trump or Clinton becoming president, I have decided to make some simple, but powerful biblical declarations. I invite you to join me. I WILL:

  1. Trust that God reigns. Psalm 93
  2. Believe God rules over the nations, and he gives authority to whom he chooses. Daniel 4:32
  3. Embrace that no one can stop God. Daniel 4:35
  4. Be still and know that God is God. Psalm 46:10
  5. Place my hope in God alone (not the government). Psalm 131:3
  6. Remember God determines a ruler’s authority and boundary. Acts 17:26
  7. Remember God has placed him/her there. Romans 13:1
  8. Trust that the Lord’s purposes will prevail. Proverbs 19:21
  9. Refuse to be anxious. Philippians 4:6
  10. Turn my stress into prayer requests. Philippians 4:6
  11. Intercede for him/her. 1 Timothy 2:1-2
  12. Pray and work for the peace of our country. Jeremiah 29:7
  13. Submit to his/her leadership, as long as his/her demands don’t conflict with God’s law. Titus 3:1; 1 Peter 2:13
  14. Obey his/her leadership, as long as his/her demands don’t conflict with God’s law. Titus 3:1
  15. Be ready to do good. Titus 3:1
  16. Remember we are not fighting against flesh and blood. Ephesians 6:12
  17. Cry out to the Lord. Psalm 72:12-14
  18. Believe God directs the heart of political authorities. Proverbs 21:1
  19. Refuse panic if I don’t fully understand God’s plan. Proverbs 20:24
  20. Continue to preach the gospel and work for peace and justice. Psalm 82:3-4
  21. Honor and respect those in authority. Proverbs 24:21; Romans 13:7; 1 Peter 2:17
  22. Use rights and freedoms granted to me by the authority of the Constitution. Acts 16:35-39; 22:22-29
  23. I will NOT move to Canada or the Caribbean (Well, I might go to the Caribbean for a purely selfish reason – It’s warm)

Not a Donkey, nor an Elephant, But the Lamb

My friends, we are not slaves to fear. Our ultimate hope is not in a donkey or an elephant, but in the Lion from the tribe of Judah. His name is Jesus! Therefore, when we feel panic and fear, let us not lose hope, but remind ourselves of these powerful biblical truths.

Please check out these posts if you want to know more about if Christians should vote or how to determine for whom you should vote.

Turn Your Minutes into Moments

What other declarations can you make?

Which declaration resonates with you the most?

When you feel nervous or fear during this election season, which declaration will you remind yourself of the most?



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  • Linda Hamlet

    Thanks for this, Marvin. I have to remind myself over and over that God is on HIS throne. He can use leaders who mean evil for His own good and our good. Whoever becomes the President of the United States, God has allowed it because it is part of a bigger picture of God’s redemptive plan.

    • Marvin Williams

      Linda, this is such a great perspective. I agree that God reigns and his purposes will prevail, no matter who becomes president. It will be for his glory and our good. Could it be that God will allow someone like Trump or Clinton to become president to somehow bring us back to himself? These are interesting times. Thanks for adding your voice here.

  • Gary Townsend

    Here’s another good declaration…

    “But our God is in the heavens; He does whatever He pleases.” (Psalm 115:3, NASB)

    • Marvin Williams

      Gary, I love this. Our God is sovereign and he does do what he pleases, and he doesn’t need our permission to do it, right? Thanks for adding your voice here. Grace and peace.

    • Gary, I love this verse, and it definitely helps to keep things in perspective. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Donna Bateman Linsley

    That’s what I keep thinking—is God judging us? Will this bring us as a country back to Him? This post is so very helpful. I had decided that if it came down to these two, I would prayerfully write in a candidate (in order to exercise my right to vote) and know that God was in charge of which of the two He would use to accomplish His purposes. You’ve given Glen and me further perspective that gives us so much encouragement, hope, and a plan—-Thank you!!!

    • Donna, I too, wonder if this is God’s way of bringing us to our knees to repent and come to him. Donna, I feel the same way, that is about writing a candidate in. I am disturbed by all the candidates that are running. I am going to trust God in his sovereignty. Thanks for adding your voice here. Blessings!

    • Dr. Richard NeSmith

      Excellent point, Donna…and I have been thinking that for about 15 years now…we, as Americans, and Christians, have refused to believe or even entertain the thought that God would judge the USA…but, we have no special treatment from God than did Jerusalem, Babylon, or even Nineveh. I, personally, believe we are…and that this only changes when we repent and follow through with it.

      • Dr. Richard NeSmith

        Remember our part:

        Micah 6:8

        And what does the Lord require of you
        But to do justly,
        To love mercy,
        And to walk humbly with your God?

        • Marvin Williams

          I love it!

      • Marvin Williams

        My, friend, I totally agree. Repentance is the key. We have no special dispensation from God as Americans. We have made the USA our idol. I am grateful to live in this country, but I cannot make this country my God. Thanks for offering good perspective.

        • Dr. Richard NeSmith

          Well put..”we have made America our idol”. Perfect description…and sheds light on how we have Americanized Christianity. Enough said…prayer changes things. 🙂

  • Dr. Richard NeSmith

    Nice work, Marvin. 🙂

    • Marvin Williams

      Thanks, friend. I appreciate you stopping by to nibble on my two fish and five loaves. Grace and peace to you.

      • Dr. Richard NeSmith

        Pleasure was mine, sir. 🙂

  • Ron Patterson Sr.

    Thanks for these reminders of faith Pastor Marvin! Admittedly, I have gotten caught up in the political agenda of these candidates and sadly, in doing so, I forgot some of the most important basics that rule my faith. Thank you for the positive insights and for helping me regain a healthier following of our almighty. Thanks be to God in all his glory!

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