Pray for Micah

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I believe when God’s people pray, he hears and answers. I believe God is a good, good Father, and when we ask him for bread, he doesn’t give us a stone. I know he gives good things to his children. My trust in God and you is the reason why I am asking you to pray for Micah and the Williams Family over the next 28 days.

In preparation for his senior wrestling season and a bid to become a state champion, Micah leaves today for J. Robinson 28-Day Intensive Wrestling Camp, right outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. This camp is one of the best and most intense in the country. They push kids to the brink so that each kid can reach their full potential as people and wrestlers. I believe Micah will come back a changed person.

This is the first time that any of our kids have been away from us this length of time. We’ll miss him. Please ask God to give us an extra measure of grace while he is away. As you think about Micah and the Williams Family, please pray the following:

Pray for Spiritual Awareness

  • Ask the Father to help Micah become aware of new things about the Father – his love, grace, care, his provision.
  • Ask the Father to help Micah to learn new things about himself – his strengths and growth areas.
  • Ask the Father to help Micah practice the fruit of the Spirit in all his interactions.
  • Ask the Father to help Micah to stay connected to Jesus and to let Jesus’ life flow through him.
  • Ask the Father to shape and transform Micah’s character through this camp.
  • Ask the Father to make himself big in and through Micah.

Pray for Micah’s Endurance and Stamina

Ask the Father to give Micah physical and emotional endurance as he engages his daily schedule. Here is a sampling of Micah’s regular schedule over the next 28 days:

  • First Day: Timed mile sprint
  • Last Day: 9, 12 or 15-mile marathon run to graduate
  • 4 Sessions per day:
    • AM: Conditioning/weights-approx. 1-hour
    • AM: Technique practice- approx. 2 hours
    • PM: Hard Practice-approx. 2 hours
    • Mental attitude and motivation
    • PM: Conditioning/weights- approx. 2 hours
  • Running 3-5 miles daily during conditioning workouts
  • Mat time every day (4-6 hours each day)
  • Weight lifting every other day in small groups
  • Daily wake-up call (primarily at 6:30 AM)
  • Nightly bed checks no later than 11:00 PM

In addition to this schedule, he will be participating in a Navy Seal Fitness Challenge, which includes swimming 500 meters, push-ups (2 minutes), sit-ups (2 minutes), pull-ups and running (1 1/2 miles). Ask the Father to help him push through quitting points during the training.

Pray for Physical and Emotional Health

  • Ask the Father for complete physical health throughout the camp.
  • Ask the Father to comfort him when or if he gets homesick.
  • Ask the Father to give him self-awareness – knowing his strengths and weaknesses and knowing how and when to self-regulate.

Pray for Spiritual Influence

  • Ask the Father to help him use his leadership skills so that he can lead others well.
  • Ask the Father to give him discernment to identify people of peace – people who are open to the gospel and spiritual things.
  • Ask the Father to strengthen him to resist any temptation that comes his way.
  • Ask the Father to let his glory rest upon Micah so wrestlers and coaches will recognize that there something peculiar about him.

Pray for Authentic Relationships

  • Ask the Father to help Micah develop real friendships with the young men with whom he will room.
  • Ask the Father to protect him from camp politics and that he will interact with honesty and integrity.
  • Ask the Father to give him the courage to be a friend to those who need a friend.
  • Pray that he will not compromise his values to be wanted and accepted.

Pray for The Rest of Us

  • Ask the Father to help mom and pops not to worry.
  • Ask the Father to help our family to adjust and transition well.
  • Ask the Father to help us learn something about Him and ourselves.

Thank You

I thank God for each of you who will carve out some time to pray for Micah and the rest of the Williams Family. I am grateful to be part of a network of people who believe God is faithful and can and will renew his great works in our day. So, thank you for sacrificing your time to remember Micah and the Williams Family in prayer.





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