13 Significant Prayers Every Leader Should Pray Daily

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Whether you are a parent, coach, or entrepreneur, you are a leader. Leadership is about moving people forward to accomplish what they probably could not accomplish on their own. Consequently, leading people is a tough job. It is even tougher when you attempt to lead in your strength. Therefore, it is crucial for leaders to pray certain prayers every day.

4 Things to Remember When You Feel Abandoned By God

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Have you ever felt abandoned by God? Disappointed by him – the way he’s running the world and the way he’s running or seemingly “ruining” your life? Though we get upset with him, I don’t know anyone who has ever filed a restraining order against the Almighty. Well, several days ago, that changed.

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Just because we don’t always see God explicitly working and moving in our lives, does not mean he is not quietly working in the background of our lives. It’s called “The Esther Effect.”

Overcoming Boredom at Church

3 Practical Ways to Enrich Your Next Worship Experience

Reading Time: 4 minutes

If someone asked you to describe the worship gathering at your church, how would you respond? Some will immediately describe it with the “B” word – Boredom! We can all admit that the weekend worship gathering can be dull at times. Consequently, we find ourselves disengaging and going through the motions. Sometimes, it feels like our worship of God is empty and a complete waste of time. I want more, and I know you do too. How do we overcome boredom in the worship gathering?

12 Spiritual Benefits of Attending Worship

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Attending worship has fallen on hard times. More people are skipping the worship gathering. The pews are empty, and the buildings have become increasingly cold. Even committed Christians are attending church less. I wonder if people realize the spiritual benefits they are forfeiting when they miss the worship gathering.  

6 Prerequisites for Receiving Guidance from God

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Lord, I need your guidance. Where should I live? What should be my life’s work/career? Who should I marry? How many children should we have? Who should I hire? Should I take the job in North Carolina or the one in Minnesota? The Bible doesn’t specifically address these questions, but God wants to give us answers to these questions. How do we place ourselves in a position that gives us a better chance of receiving answers from God when we seek him?

Radical Generosity (Grand Rapids : Discovery House , 2016)

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I write because I want to awaken people to full life with Christ. God has given me this opportunity by writing devotionals for Our Daily Bread Ministries. I am grateful to be on a team of amazing authors and editors. It is strictly by God’s grace. I am doubly excited about the release of my new book, Radical Generosity.

Through interesting stories and relevant Scripture, I encourage people to experience a deeper love for Jesus. My prayer is, this compilation of Our Daily Bread and Our Daily Journey devotional readings will inspire you to live with Spirit-empowered abandon. So go ahead . . . trust God wholeheartedly. Pour blessings into others. Live a life of radical generosity!

Radical Generosity is available on Kindle at Amazon.