Is The Resurrection of Jesus True?

One Reason Why You Should Believe It Is

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Christianity without the Resurrection of Jesus is useless. But,  did Jesus rise from the dead? How do we know the Resurrection is true? Can we believe it? I believe there is one reasonable piece of evidence that is compelling enough for us to believe Jesus rose from the dead.

U.S. Attacks Syrian Air Base with Missiles

How Should Christians Respond?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Last night, President Trump authorized air strikes on a Syrian air base. The attack sends a strong message to President Bashar Assad for the chemical attack earlier this week. But, how should Christians respond? Is there a biblical response to the events over the last few days?

What Should Christians Believe About Cremation?

Reading Time: 4 minutes

One question people consistently ask me is, how should Christians think about cremation? If Christian families opt to have a believing loved one cremated instead of being buried, are they sinning? Should we cremate or bury? How will God reunite our body with our spirit, if there is not a body to join? This post addresses these questions and more.

The Resurrection of Jesus

One Compelling Reason I Believe It's True

The Resurrection is trueReading Time: 3 minutes

The resurrection of Jesus is unbelievable. That is, people find it difficult to believe. I get it. It conflicts with logic and science. Simply put, dead people don’t rise from the grave. The truth is, I would doubt the resurrection of Jesus, too, if it was not for one piece of evidence.