How Pain Can Become Your Platform

3 Powerful Affirmations That God Uses to Give Purpose to Our Pain

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I hate pain. Though it is useful and an indicator that something is wrong, I don’t like it. This is not shocking news, right? I don’t know anyone who likes or enjoys pain. Yet, our pain can be purposeful. God uses it as a platform to compose his greatest work in our lives. 

When Handel wrote the “Hallelujah Chorus,” his health and his fortunes had reached the lowest possible ebb. The right side of his body had become paralyzed, and all his money was gone. He was heavily in debt and threatened with incarceration. Also, he was tempted to give up the fight. The odds seemed too high. And it was then that he composed his greatest work – Messiah. We can say that Handel’s pain became his platform for his most excellent work.

So, you are reading this, and you feel like your life mirrors Handel’s. The chapters of your life, like Handel, are filled with:

Ridicule and criticism
Mounting debt
Failed relationships
Chronic Pain
Incurable disease
Failed or failing health
Uncertain future
Dead-end job
Overwhelming pressure on your job

You probably feel like giving up, throwing in the towel, and quitting life. You feel like you can’t take another step toward God or anybody else. Have had your fill of pain and suffering, and you are ready to give life your two week’s notice.

You better not mope, pout or sulk!
Don’t quit, resign, or stop!

C. S. Lewis said that pain is God’s megaphone; he uses it to get our attention. Maybe God wants to use your hurt right now to get your attention so he can show you his intention. How can God use our pain as his platform to bless others?

Respond to our pain appropriately.  James tells us to count it all joy when we go through all sorts of trials. So, what does it mean to “count it all joy?” Is this sadomasochism? No. When James tells us to count it all joy, he is not telling us that we should seek out distress. Nor should we pretend that trials are pleasant. Therefore, by the power of the Holy Spirit, we can look at our pain as an occasion for joy because of the potential for producing something good in and through us. Therefore, it should cause to develop a positive attitude toward our suffering. Having a positive attitude is quite contrary to our typical response.

Understand the reasons for our pain clearly. Pain is one of God’s ways of testing our faith. Through the testing of our faith, God develops our patience. Tested faith builds spiritual stamina and becomes tough and rugged.

Patience leads to spiritual maturity and maturity will make us ready for anything that comes our way. Therefore, when we trust that God is faithful and has a plan for our pain, then we can endure and develop every spiritual attribute for victory.

Rely on our Source completely. We are not left alone or without resources while we go through heartbreaking situations. So, we should ask God for help. Four facts about God that should encourage us to rely on Him as our ultimate resource:

  1. He is a giving God. Therefore, giving to those who ask God for help is something natural for God.
  2. He gives generously to all. So, He doesn’t have favorite recipients. But, he provides for all types of people.
  3. He gives without finding fault. Therefore, God does not condemn or discipline us for asking for help in the midst of our pain.
  4. He has promised to give us the wisdom to help us fully understand the reasons “why” or give us the strength when the “whys” are not discernible. So, let’s keep trusting in the midst of our struggles.

So, my friends, this could be your moment – the moment where God uses your pain to help you compose a symphony of your greatest music for others. Could it be that God is ready to produce Jesus Messiah in you so that He might bless others through you!

Turn Your Minutes Into Moments

What lessons have you learned from your pain?  In what ways can you trust God more fully in the midst of your pain?

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