21 Common Ways Children Dishonor Their Parents

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It is true that parents sometimes provoke their children to anger, but it is equally true that sometimes children dishonor their parents. Earlier this week I blogged about some common ways parents provoke their children to anger. The post sparked a lot of conversation among parents and children. A couple people asked me about the first part of Ephesians 6, where Paul commands children to obey and honor their parents. This is a follow-up post to the one written earlier. Now, posting a list like this is not designed to make children or parents feel guilty, but to help us know where we are, see our mistakes, ask for grace and to become 5% better. So, here are 21 common ways children dishonor their parents.

One of the Most Dangerous Prayers You’ll Ever Pray

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When was the last time you prayed a dangerous prayer? For me, I have not prayed a dangerous prayer in a while because I’m too comfortable. But, I follow a radical Radical Rabbi, named Jesus, but I hang the Do Not Disturb sign on the door of my life because I like my privacy. I like my comfort. I like safety. I like the existing conditions or state of affairs. I don’t like my status quo living being interrupted by big dreams, deep waters of radical obedience, the rough seas of suffering, and the deep waters and dark nights of uncertain adventures. Also, I wonder if some of these obstacles keep me from praying dangerous prayers. So, as I was reading the other day, I ran across a prayer that quaked my comfortable world. Written by Sir Frances Drake (explorer and naval pioneer during the Elizabethan era), this is one of the most dangerous and disturbing prayers I have ever read. I want to share it with you, in hopes, it will bother you as much as it did me.

18 Common Ways Parents Make Their Children Angry

Understanding Our Parental Blindspots

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As a parent, I make my children angry more than I care to admit. If you are honest, you do too. So, a couple of weeks ago, I disobeyed Ephesians 6:4, a clear command in Scripture – I provoked one of my children to anger.  This incident got me to thinking about other ways parents provoke their kids to anger.

How to Survive a Family Crisis

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No family is immune to a crisis. At some point in time, every family will be at a critical juncture in their lives. When families face a crisis, many tend to respond hysterically, with emotional breakdowns, panic attacks, and acting out old habits. Also, some experience loss of sleep, loss of weight, isolation, and even depression. I am convinced that this does not have to be your story.

22 Powerful Questions That Will Help You Identify Leaders

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Many people agree that there is a leadership dearth in our world, especially in our churches. However, these same church leaders do not agree as to how to identify and develop new leaders. The one thing that can’t be compromised being up close and personal with those you think are ready to lead. When we find someone who we think might have leadership potential, what do we do? How can we be certain that this person is ready for the leadership mantle? I believe can identify leadership potential in a person by practicing an age-old art – asking questions.   

Leading Yourself Is The First Key to Your Success

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The most difficult person to lead is me. According to Dee Hock, author of The Art of Chaordic Leadership, leaders should spend 50% of the time leading themselves. Leading yourself is so crucial to personal success in every area of your life. Here is a list of Scripture consistent self-leadership categories and questions that my former ministry coach, Dave Kraft, sent to me. If you want to experience success in every area of your life and leadership and be better than you were yesterday, then engage these game-changing self-leadership questions.

12 Barriers to Effective Prayer and How to Overcome Them

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As long as I have been a follower of Jesus, I should be more committed to praying than I am. Simply put, I wish I was better at praying. The truth is, sometimes, my prayer life sucks. I would imagine if you are anything like me, yours does too.  I know we don’t want our prayer life to suck. So, what should do about it? 

How To Get Through Difficult Times

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How do you respond when the odds are against you? How do you muster the enough strength to keep going when everyone around you is saying you should give up? How do we get through difficult times? No matter how many obstacles are placed before us, we have a responsibility to keep trying and persevering. If we keep pushing through quitting points, we might be surprised as to what’s on the other side of perseverance.